🌿Mori kei fashion🌿

I’m always searching on the net for new styles to follow and discover and lately I’ve found a fashion which is really close to my heart: Mori kei.


Mori (森) = forest

The goal of this fashion is to look like you’re living in the forest. It really reminds me of The Lord of the Rings or forest elves lol! This style is really vintage and “old” looking, but classy. It has some really good earthy-witchy vibes in my opinion.



Mori girls have natural colored hair with straight bangs. They usually have really long hair. For hats and stuff they wear knitted hats and headbands and flower crowns. The makeup is really simple: they only use peach colored blush and mascara, maybe draw on fake freckles.


For clothing they only wear skirts that are under knee lenght and have lace at the ending. They often layer multiple skirts or sweaters that are also knitted. But wearing a pinafore dress with a Peter Pan collared shirt is also common in this style.


Under the dress they wear thigts and sock. For shoes I’ve seen them wearing boots.


I was so inspired by this style that I really want to try it out and make photo shoots wearing big white dresses in the forest like AAAAAH! It is so dreamy. So I’m saving up money for dresses, blouses and MAN I NEED A NICE WIG CUZ I’M BALD AF! (lol)

I’ll post the pictures on my other instagram (click there to check it out) account when they’ll be ready! I think I’ll start posting some pics in August maybe so stay tuned for that!



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