🌿Mori kei wish list 2017 #1🌿

When you fall in love with a new style you always have to fill up your wardrobe with the base pieces of that fashion and I've been constantly searching for the best Mori kei inspired stuff online. (Because you can't even buy stuff like that in Hungary...) Luckily I found YesStyle.com which is an asian online… Continue reading 🌿Mori kei wish list 2017 #1🌿


🌿Mori kei fashion🌿

I'm always searching on the net for new styles to follow and discover and lately I've found a fashion which is really close to my heart: Mori kei. Mori (森) = forest The goal of this fashion is to look like you're living in the forest. It really reminds me of The Lord of the… Continue reading 🌿Mori kei fashion🌿